poster for 2009 Being Mendelssohn: Disc 3 poster for 2009 Being Mendelssohn: Disc 3
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× Disc III brings together an unexpected trio of works that complement the essence of Mendelssohn’s musical language in different ways. György Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet recall the puckish character of Mendelssohn’s so-called Midsummer Night’s Dream style (after the composer’s incidental music to Shakespeare’s play, featured on Disc II), while the thrilling Piano Trio of the renowned American composer Pierre Jalbert gives voice in our own time to the Mendelssohnian ideal of expressive pathos combined with impeccable design. Johannes Brahms’s Opus 26 Piano Quartet represents the latter half of the Romantic journey begun by Beethoven and propelled by Mendelssohn.