poster for 2017 The Glorious Violin Disc 4 poster for 2017 The Glorious Violin Disc 4
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Drawing inspiration from the sheer brilliance of Mendelssohn’s musical achievements, Robert Schumann would in turn guide and inspire his disciple Johannes Brahms. Together, Schumann and Brahms represent the height of German Romanticism, and violinist Joseph Joachim, who was a catalyst to the artistic triumphs of these and other composers, equally towers as one of German Romanticism’s most influential figures. A protégé of Mendelssohn’s, Joachim would come to personify the German school of violin playing and served as muse to Schumann and Brahms in the creation of their greatest works for violin. Disc 4 surrounds Joachim with signature works by these composers, culminating in Brahms’s poetic Horn Trio.